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Our Mission as Aventuras Mayas

Aventuras Mayas is a company founded more than 15 years ago by Mexican entrepreneurs with a mission to promote the cultural and natural treasures of Mexico through sustainable adventure tourism in order to achieve unforgettable experiences for travelers from all over the world.

Avoid the Crowds: The Aventuras Mayas Slogan

"Avoid the crowds" is our slogan, which we support through an operation that guarantees that at no time during your experience with Aventuras Mayas will you be overwhelmed by the presence of large groups of people.

During your adventure you will be accompanied by a small group of people so you can fully enjoy the colors, sounds and aromas of nature in all of Aventuras Mayas locations.

Everything in harmony with nature. Nothing artificial or prefabricated. Far from the crowds.

The Aventuras Mayas guides

By taking a quick look at the reviews of Aventuras Mayas on TripAdvisor or Facebook you will see that one of the most important attributes and the pride of Aventuras Mayas is our team of guides!

The Aventuras Mayas guides are 100% committed to our vision of being the best ecotourism company, responsible and devoted to sustainability, so in our tours they always promote respect for the local culture and the conservation of the flora and fauna of the region.

Working with small groups allows our guides to provide personalized service, this makes a huge difference during your day with Aventuras Mayas. Do not worry! The guide that will accompany you during your adventure is certified in first aid and will be ready to respond to any eventuality.

The equipment used in Aventuras Mayas

We have a fleet of recent model vans with precise specifications for the type of terrain that we travel in and the activities you will perform, with comfortable interiors and air conditioning.

If the Aventuras Mayas tour you have chosen includes ziplines and rappelling, you will like to know that the safety equipment we use is Petzl brand, world leader in mountaineering.

For your extreme ATV tour in the jungle, Aventuras Mayas has top of the line all-terrain Can-Am Outlander Max 450cc vehicles, the most powerful, modern and the only 2 passenger approved in the region. You only have to put on your helmet with DOT certification and voila, get ready to enjoy!

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