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In terms of what is established in articles 2nd and 3rd fraction XIV of the Federal Protection law for personal data in possession of private parties (LFPDPPP) and 47 of its ordinance, Aventuras Mayas S.A. de C.V., is responsible for the recollection and treatment of your personal data, and states to be a company legally constituted in accordance with Mexican law, with address at Carretera Federal Playa del Carmen Tulum Km 2.5 Parcela 17 Manzana 337 Lote 027 Ejido Sur, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. Makes you aware that the information of our customers is treated in a strictly confidential way by providing your personal information, such as:

  1. Name and/or Corporate Name.
  2. Address.
  3. Social Security Number.
  4. Office and mobile phones.
  5. Email.

In accordance with what is indicated by the articles 15 and 16 of the LFPDPPP, 26, 27 and 28 from the ordinance Law, we inform you that your general personal, financial and sensitive data will be collected personally through printed, electronic, phone and/or any other suitable media to be utilized for the following purposes:

  1. Make reservations for products and services.
  2. To communicate promotions, discounts and offers of products and services.
  3. Charge and Billing products or services.
  4. Updating and storing in customer databases.
  5. Advertising Campaigns.
  6. Loyalty Campaigns.
  7. Service Information.
  8. Any purpose analogous or compatible with the above.

We have established various procedures in order to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of your data, allowing us to treat them properly. Aventuras Mayas S.A. de C.V. does not transfer your Personal Data to third parties without your prior consent, unless established by law.

If you purchase online through our Website, you will be linked to the "Pay PAL & Payworks" booking interface. Although it may appear that the online booking system is part of our Website, it is actually a third party which is governed by its own privacy policies and practices. Your privacy is our concern, so we have carefully chosen our booking provider.

In some sections of our website we require that the client grant our cookies because some of the functions require them to be able to be executed.

The cookies allow us to:

  • Recognize you at the moment you enter our sites and offer you a personalized experience. To know the personal configuration of the site specified by you, eg. the cookies allow us to detect the band with that you had selected at the moment you enter our home page, this way we know what type of information is good to be download.
  • To calculate the size of our audience and to measure some traffic parameters, because each web browser that access our website acquires one cookie that is used to determine the recurrence of use and the website sections visited, reflecting your habits and preferences, that information is useful to improve our content, our headlines and our promotions for the users.
  • The cookies also help us to trace some activities; eg. on some online surveys we launch during the day we can use cookies to detect if the user had filled the survey out, and stop displaying it out again if the user already filled it out. Although, the cookies will allow you to take advantage of the most beneficial characteristics we offer, for that reason we highly recommend you to leave the cookies activated. The cookies will not be used to identify users, excepting some cases in which possible fraud activities are investigated. When managing the use of cookies, the majority of the web browsers will tell you how to avoid accepting new cookies or how to unable all cookies.

Only by actualization of the content of the article 37 of the LFPDPPP, the data given by our customers will not be transferred under any circumstance.

In any case Aventuras Mayas S.A. de C.V. commercialize, sell or rent your Personal Data to a third party without obtaining your prior consent.

All your personal data are processed according to the applicable legislation. According to what the LFPDPPP supports, you could solicit the access, the rectification, the cancellation or oppose the treatment we give your personal data; Your inquire will be managed by Privacy Area in charge of personal data security on the Telephone 984-803-2551. Through these channels you can update your data and specify the medium for which you wish to receive information, since in case you do not have this specification on your part, Aventuras Mayas S.A de C.V., will freely establish the channel that it considers pertinent to send you information.

This Privacy Policy is in force from January the 1st, 2012 and it could be modified under discretion, by the responsible.

Last up-date: August the 1st ,2017.

© Aventuras Mayas S.A de C.V 2018 | All rights reserved. Carretera Federal Playa del Carmen-Tulum Km 2.5 Col. Ejidal Sur,

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, México.